Splash – Dolphin Silver Tiny Treasure Box


Silver Dolpin Box Handmade Unique

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Meet Splash the dolphin!

Splash is a shiny little dolphin leaping a wave on top of his very own Tiny Treasure Box. Perfect for keeping those really special tiny memories in. Both Splash and his box are completely handmade by me in solid silver. This is a unique one of a kind box.

Splash is a fun loving dolphin with a cheeky smile. He adores leaping the waves and is just jumping out of the water over a textured wave curling away in front of him, but don’t worry, he promises never to splash any water around his box! 😉 He’s looking to swim into the heart of a dolphin lover who will give him his forever home, Splash’s box has a lovely spiral texture with raised waves around the sides of it and some really fun 24k gold splashes in between. The base of the box also has a lovely texture which echos the texture on the lid.

This box is quite tiny but has a lovely heavy feel to it. It weighs approx 27 grams.  It measures 23 mm across the widest part of the lid and 34 mm high from the bottom of the box to the very tip of Splash’s fin. My Tiny Treasure Boxes are made with unique irregular flowing lines, not straight slab sides,  which means that every box I make is different.

Postage for this box is free. It will come to you securely packaged wherever you are in the world. (Splash says swimming to you would take too long so he’ll be nicely wrapped up for his journey instead 😉 )