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A flexible mask mould handmade by me.

This is the mask mould made from my original master that I use to make all of my mask pendants. The face shape is approx. 38mm x 27mm. It is made of a flexible rubber that non-toxic and is also food safe (handy should you have a yearning to make edible masks!!).

Every mask mould is checked by me before sending out to you.

I run workshops in mask making at my base in Hastings, UK. Please see my Online Workshops page for a link to my Colourful Carnival Masks workshop on CraftCast.

Each mask mould is made individually by me so they will each vary slightly.
The eyes are uneven – yes they are meant to be like that! If you look at the masks I create you will see on every one the eyes are not symmetrical. These moulds are made from my original and that’s the way I made it!! 🙂
The raised parts for the eyes in the mould have uneven tops. Don’t worry, this will not affect the mask as you ‘push’ the clay off these parts when making a mask face.
This is a handmade mould from my original master, not a commercial mould. Please don’t expect the face to be absolutely perfect – my original isn’t! The face will require a little a bit of refining, but that is part of the fun of making it uniquely yours.
Take care not to sand away too much on the nose while refining (yup – I know how easy that is to do!!!), and remember you can add more fresh clay to the dried face to change the character. (Didn’t you always want to try a DIY nose job?).

This listing is for one mould only.

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