Branches of Joy



My own custom designed textures! 🙂

This texture is made from laser cut card and the design measures 102mm x 127mm (4″ x 5″).
The white areas of the design are raised and the beige/brown areas are the recesses. When you impress this onto clay it will come out the reverse of that – of course you knew that – I’m just saying… :)!

I have been using this style of laser cut card textures for many years now and with the right care they last a LONG time! I am still using some of my original ones. They will discolour in time but that does not affect their use.

When you purchase any of my textures I will email you instructions on the best way to use them. Please read the instructions carefully and use plenty of oil on the textures especially when new. It soaks in fast!!! The clay WILL stick to unoiled textures. You have been warned!! 🙂