Woven Hearts

Woven Hearts

Beautiful fine silver heart earrings with stunning red enamel. They hang on sterling silver earwires. These lovely earrings have an intertwined woven design that shows through under the enamel. Each heart measures approx. 18mm x 15mm. 

The reverse is decorated with a lovely spiral design. 

The colour on this piece is traditional vitreous enamel, fired on in the kiln at 800C to create a fused bond between the enamel and the silver using a method which is hundreds of years old. 

All my items are lovingly made in Hastings in the UK. I am passionate about using silver, enamel and glass and I really enjoy making every item. My work has it's own unique style and each piece is made individually by hand by me. Texture and colour are a major factor in everything I do, and the finish and craftsmanship is paramount. If you have any questions please do ask me. 

Comes wrapped in a re-useable padded brocade satin travelling pouch for you to keep them in safely when you are not wearing them, or as a lovely presentation package if you are giving them to someone special. Colours may vary from the one shown on the shop home page but they will always be of the same style and quality. I also include a care card.

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