AVAILABLE TO BUY! - see description

AVAILABLE TO BUY! - see description

Tubey Cutters

My very own set of tiny round cutters! I got so fed up trying to find the right size little cutters for stone setting etc that in the end I decided to have my own sets made :D

Thin walls or thicker walls? Both have their uses. Mine have slightly thicker walls. You know when you cut out a load of little discs of clay and then you try to lift away the excess clay and half the little discs come up too??? Yup - I bet it's not just me that happens to! The wider edges of these tubes help the little discs stay down. I like to give them a little twist as I cut too :D

***** You can buy a set of these from Metal Clay Ltd **** 

***Wholesale pricing is available from me for purchases of 10+ sets. Contact me direct for details :D ***

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