Strippy Cutters

Strippy Cutters

PLEASE NOTE - next posting day will be 28th September 2018 as I am away teaching :D

A set of three cutters for making consistent strips of clay everytime. These lovely solid brass cutters come in their own little storage tube to keep them safely snuggled up together ;)

Yes, of course you can cut strips of clay by hand without using cutters....but with these little chaps you'll get nice even consistant widths everytime. Use them for ring bands, making bails, the sides of lockets...and anything else you want a strip of clay for!! I love them!

The three widths are approx 2mm, 4mm and 6mm wide and each cutter is about 100mm long. As they are prepared by hand the length can vary slightly. 

***Wholesale pricing is available from me for purchases of 10+ sets. Contact me direct for details :D ***

Postage will be charged at the actual rate paid and any difference to the amount you have paid at checkout will be refunded back to you. 


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